Happy Birthday to Me (and Addison)

I celebrated a birthday last Thursday.  I had a really nice one; we had our families over that evening for a gourmet meal that Jason cooked (of course) and some cake.  AND I only had to work for a small part of the time they were over - successful night!  

Earlier in the week Jason took the boys to the store to get me a gift.  I had no idea where they went until Thursday when they gave me all my gifts.  Turns out Daddy took the boys on a shopping spree at the dollar store.  First they each got to pick out a card for me:
 Hey, at least they're both birthday cards.  Also, funny story: Jack picked out the one on the right for a 4 year-old (I turned 34) and back in March I let him pick out a card for Aunt Kelly.  He picked a Transformer card for a 6-year old boy, and she turned 36.  Maybe he's on to something..

After they picked out the cards, they got to pick out whatever they wanted to get me for my birthday.  Jason said he had to put about 30 things back on the shelf, but here's what they left the store with:
Four badminton rackets with birdies, three sets of brightly colored zip ties, a Batman puzzle and two of those little crammed-up towels that you add water to see them expand (one Cars, one Thor).  Good stuff!  Jack was excited to help me open them, and he also helped Grandma wrap them for Daddy earlier that day. 

Jason also surprised me with a weekend getaway to an out-of-town Cardinals game this summer.  Looking forward to that!!  All in all, a great birthday.

Also, you may remember that Ms Addi Asher was born on my 30th birthday, so she celebrated her 4th birthday last week as well.  They had a rainbow party for her and it was lots of fun.  Addison loves artsy stuff, so Melissa set up a craft table in their garage with a station for each of them to paint.  She even made them each a paint shirt.  Too cute!  The big kids all enjoyed sponge painting on their board while the little guys (Charlie, Ethan, Austin and Tyson) hung out in the basement with the daddies.

Birthday girl and Jack

Reghan Lade

Zoey Kuehler

Vivian Gratz (and Alyssa)

Maggie Neu

Aidan and Connor Neu

Nathan Mincher

All the painters (minus Jack, who had an untimely bathroom break)

Jack and Addi's masterpieces

Sweet little Drake Lade even came to the party (he didn't paint though) - he turned one month old the next day
Later in the evening Charlie thought he was hot stuff doing stunts on the ottoman.  Seriously so proud of himself:

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