May Highlights

I vow to some day get back to regular blog posts, but for now, monthly updates will have to do.  It doesn't seem like there is a spare moment in our days/weeks/months.  The good news is, Jason's business is thriving - he went from ~50 regular clients last year to over 70 this year.  The bad news is, that means he's VERY busy with his one-man show.  He got a new zero turn mower this month to help him move a little more quickly, but he's reaching his max as far as client-load, so it will soon be decision time for Turf Perfect management: 1. Cap the business at today's level or 2. Find some employees.

One Friday night this month, I planned a couples outing to play Demolition Ball.  For those who are unfamiliar, it is basically bumper cars meets basketball meets lacrosse.  I've played a few times before with work for team building-type events and it's always a fun time.  We ended up having about 16 of us and we had a great time!  I also forced convinced the group to play laser tag while we were there too.  That would have been more fun if not for the slew of 10 year-old boys that played with us.  They were clearly more experienced at laser tag than we were and they set up shop high on perches.  You couldn't go very far without the little snipers getting you.  Nonetheless, we had a great adult night out!!

Charlie had a little accident in May where he pinched his finger in a kids' folding chair.  It bled quite a bit from under the nail but didn't look too terrible by the next morning.  A week later though we noticed his nail was getting more and more loose and was eventually hanging on by a thread.  Yuck!  I ended up taking him to the doctor just to make sure it was OK and the doctor was very aloof: "You just need to pull it off (doing so himself)....See?  It's barely bleeding."  OK then.  So Charlie is now missing the fingernail on the middle finger of his left hand.  He's no worse for the wear except it seemed extra sensitive the first few days when he would bump it on something.  Hopefully a new one grows back soon!
Charlie and Ethan and Jack and Addi had their first baths together.  We had the Ashers over last minute one night and all the kids were in dire need of baths, so I knocked it out two at a time.  Ethan was not fond of me giving him a bath without his parents there (Melissa had dinner plans).  Jack and Addi had a good time but couldn't help but notice they have different "parts."  Might be the last bath they have together.  ;)
We participated in the Zoo Run again this year.  It was an early morning but the weather was almost perfect. We ran the whole time (5K) so that always makes me feel good.  After the run we went into the zoo for the breakfast that was included.  We went back out to the festivities for Jack to participate in the 1/4 mile kid run, but we got there just as it was starting, so I wasn't able to hand off my camera fast enough to get it adequately documented.  He did OK - he wasn't interested in running at first, but by the end he got excited to run to the finish line.  We played at the fountain for awhile afterwards with my friend Rebecca and her clan, which was nice.
Jack finishing the race (and Jason in the background letting Charlie run a few feet too)

Jack is in the navy shirt on the right

 The Pressons (Paul, Rebecca, Caroline and Graham):
Jack had his final day of soccer.  He really had a lot of fun this session, and he's asking if he can play again.  I decided to sit this next session out because it's tough to commit to every Saturday morning in the summer when Jason works many weekends.  It was getting increasingly difficult to occupy Charlie while Jack was playing soccer.

Jack is wearing the orange shirt, royal blue shorts and white soccer socks:

Day care hosted a Mother's Day Breakfast.  I was a little unsure how to eat with both boys, so I just took Charlie with me into Jack's classroom.  I wasn't the only Mom who took that approach, so I guess it was acceptable.  Charlie definitely thought he was hot stuff hanging out in Jack's classroom and he was disappointed when it was time to leave and go back to his room.
We also had our 3rd Annual Memorial Day Fish Fry.  We've started a tradition of frying the fish Jason and friends catch throughout the winter on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.  This year we had 20+ kids.  Luckily, the weather was pretty good, so we could make use of the patio.  We are meeting more and more of our neighbors, so we had a few new faces at the party this year.  It was a lot of fun!  Of course, I didn't take any pictures, but luckily Melissa snagged this one most of the kids eating dinner:
We spent a lot of time outside this month, either riding bikes with the neighbors or playing baseball and soccer.  Here are a few videos of our little athletes:
Charlie's really gotten into sports recently.  He learned to say "batter up" from his brother, but it took us a while to interpret since it comes out "E up."  He also loves to tell us to "watch" whatever he's about to do.

I got brave this month and buzzed Jack's hair.  It doesn't look too bad, if I do say so myself.  Hopefully it will keep him cooler during the summer (he has a thick mop of hair and is quite a sweaty guy), and will save us some money on haircuts!

Charlie continues to copy anything he sees Jack doing.  This is just one example...

I think that's our May in a nutshell - we're constantly going, going, going but having a lot of fun doing it!

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