We had a very busy April.  Mostly it was because Jason and I are both working like crazy right now, but we managed to squeeze some fun in too.

Jack had his second dentist appointment at the beginning of the month.  He did pretty well.  He still freaked out when it was the dentist's turn to look in his mouth, but he did pretty well while Grandma cleaned his teeth - at least he laid on the chair himself instead of on top of me like last time.

We had a play date with some friends I worked with at PricewaterhouseCoopers.  There were lots of kids, and my friend Stephanie's house is a haven for play dates!  They have two bouncy houses and a swingset in their back yard and LOTS of fun stuff to play with inside too.  Here are all the kiddos eating dinner:
Clockwise from the front: Kaitlyn Stebe, Graham Presson, (& Paul), Paige Mitchell, Caroline Presson, Jack, Charlie, Reece Mitchell and Evan Chancellor
Jack started a new session of Kickaroos at Vetta Sports.  He is now in the "Skippers" class which is still mostly dribbling and drills, but each class ends with a 10 minute scrimmage, which is lots of fun!!  He has made great strides in the last four weeks and even scored two goals today!!  I will try to take a video one of these weeks.

We had our first day of shorts weather!

Our niece Mia celebrated a birthday (7 years old!), so the boys and I tagged along to her friend party at Sky Zone in Chesterfield.  It's basically a big place filled with trampolines.  Charlie was a little young for the Saturday night crowd, but we managed to stay tucked away in a corner and had a lot of fun.  Definitely a great place to burn some energy!  Jack saw some people doing flips so he started doing "flips" of his own - taking a running start and doing a somersault.  He was wild and loving every minute!  Unfortunately I got disciplined for taking pictures while on the trampolines so I don't have good documentation of our fun.

Yes, that blurry face with the blue shirt is Jack - my one and only picture

We also checked out a members' only event at the Magic House.  Since it was on a Thursday night (and Daddy was playing darts) Grandpa Lang went with us to help out (thank goodness because the boys were going opposite directions the whole night!).  I learned that members' only events are the way to go - it was about 1/10th as crowded as any other time I've been there.  This was a PJ party complete with story time (we only listened to about 2 pages, then we had to keep exploring) and cookies and milk.  Lots of fun!!  We also discovered an outdoor construction area that we've never seen before:

One weekend the boys and I went up to the vet where Daddy was working so they could ride their bikes.  Charlie tried out his new helmet - he was a big fan.

Another big thing this month: we took the rails off of Jack's bed.  I'm sure he's been ready for awhile now, it just hasn't occurred to me until now.  He was really excited, and so was I because boy is it difficult to make his bed with the rails on!!  We put pillows on the floor the first few nights, so Jack thought it was fun to "fall" off his bed on purpose.  He didn't fall out at all for two weeks until this weekend, when he fell out both nights.  Friday night he didn't even wake up; just got back into bed and kept sleeping.  Last night, he was upset and said he hurt his cheek.  I'm trying to tell him to sleep next to the wall or even in the middle instead of right along the edge; he will learn.
My work had Take Your Child to Work Day, so I took Jack for a few hours.  They served breakfast, had a big science show, balloon artist and various activities (making slime and superballs).  Jack was a little young for some of the activities, but we still had fun.  He thought it was cool to be at Mommy's work.  We got a little gift bag and one of the items was a little flashlight, which he now refers to as "the one I got at the cafeteria."
Jack in the center w/navy and white stripes; our friend Owen Dahl is to his left - intently watching the science show
I started playing sand volleyball again, and last week our game started at 6:30, so I picked the boys up from school and went straight there to meet Jason.  They ended up staying to watch our games and, let's be honest, the real highlight was playing on the playground.
 Fun and busy month at the Clayton house!!

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