Happy Easter!

We had a nice Easter weekend.  Friday night we dyed Easter eggs.  Jack enjoyed it; Charlie was more annoyed than anything - he didn't quite get the "drop it in and wait" concept.

This is Jack's new picture smile.  Lovely, eh?
Saturday night my mom's family came to our house for a low-key gathering.  It was a nice time.  We enjoy having people at our house because it is so easy to get Charlie into bed close to his normal early time (7:30-8:00) without missing anything.

Sunday morning Jason came down with strep throat (yuck!) and was out of commission all day (and for several days after that).  The boys had fun searching for the eggs the Easter Bunny hid but I didn't get a lot of great video footage with my one-man crew.  Charlie woke up on the wrong side of the bed so the first video I took has him squealing and whining in the background the whole time - I will spare you from that melodious sound.

The Easter Bunny brought some new superhero shirts, including a Batman shirt with a cape for Jack.  We immediately put that on and have worn it MANY days since then.  Charlie got some new animal stamps (photo above) and they both got some Legos other small miscellaneous stuff.

After we were finished at home, we went up to the Minchers' for the second annual Easter Egg hunt with the neighbors.  This time the Scallys joined the Ashers, Minchers and us so we had 7 kids on a mad dash for eggs (Logan Scally was napping - he'll join in next year!).  My favorite was that the Minchers had thrown out some old bread for the birds and Jack thought it was part of the search.  I caught him putting one piece in his basket and had to tell him those weren't for taking.  When we got home and went through his basket I found another one.  Funny stuff.  I'd love to have been in his head..."Bread?  OK, guess I'll take it..."  The weather was great, so we stayed and played for about an hour.  It's so nice living on quiet cul-de-sacs.  Very fun morning. 

All the neighbor kids: Addison & Ethan Asher, Jack, Jack Scally, Charlie and Nathan & Tyson Mincher

Love this one: Renee laying down the law

Power wheels fun!

These videos are kind of funny. The first was Charlie's first attempt at operating a Power Wheels vehicle on his own.  Not so successful:
Then he tried out a car instead and figured out (accidentally I think) that the button sticks, kind of like cruise control.  Funny stuff.
Since it was so nice out and Daddy was laid up we decided to have a quick lunch with the Ashers and then to the park.
 Charlie had a mini Twix on the way there and then passed out.  Nice.
After our naps, we headed over to Aunt Cyndi and Uncle Todd's house for Clayton Easter.  It was still nice out, so we spent most of the evening having fun outside.

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