Three Months Old

Charlie has now hit the 3-month mark.  He's still a perfect little angel - very laid-back and content most of the time.  He's babbling more and more and though he hasn't let out a full-fledged giggle just yet, he does "talk" excitedly sometimes so it almost sounds like a laugh.  He is always smiling and loves to sleep.

Love this face!
At three months Charlie sleeps about nine or ten hours at night - usually about 9:00pm to 6:30am and sleeps a lot during the day.  We're still not really on a schedule, but generally he takes at least one longer (2-3 hour) nap during the day at some point.  He eats about five times per day and right now I'm making his bottles at 6.5 ounces apiece.  During the week, I nurse him first thing in the morning and the last feeding at night and he takes three bottles at day care or Grandma & Grandpa' house.

He's starting to reach for things, like the toys hanging on his bouncy seat and will grip onto things when you place them in his hands.  My favorite is when he grabs onto my shirt as I'm feeding him.  Charlie loves to look at his big brother and turns to watch him and smile at him whenever he comes near.  The feeling is mutual...
Jack wanted in on the photo shoot
Charlie's officially in 6 months clothes.  He can still get by wearing some three month pants, but the three- month onesies are being packed away.  He's also solidly fitting in all the size two diapers now.
Here's a side-by-side comparison of the first three months:
Can't quite get this comparison exactly the same month after month, but you get the idea...
Here's another comparison I'm hoping to do quarterly-ish.  Same laundry basket, same baby.  Getting so big!!

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