O Christmas Tree

We've solved our enormous Christmas tree issue.  We considered moving our entire dining room set into our basement for the season and displaying the tree there (where the ceiling is vaulted).  In the end, Jason decided to do some minor trimming to make it fit in the play room.  You can see in the picture below just how much he cut off - almost as tall as Jack!
Daddy got all the lights put on during nap time Sunday and then I wanted Jack to help me decorate it before bed.  At first I started getting out all of his special ornaments from his personal ornament box* and Daddy offered a suggestion that we start with some basic ball ornaments "just in case."  I married a smart man - the very first ornament Jack attempted to hang went crashing to the floor and shattered.  Oops!  So, we got out the mini vacuum, cleaned up our mess and moved on.
My helper vacuuming
 For the next attempt I offered much more supervision and we had success.  This was the one and only ornament Jack helped with - I did the rest after he went to sleep.

Here is the finished product!
*More on the personal ornament box...my Uncle Jim & Aunt Ree gave each of our boys a personalized wooden box to hold the special ornaments they receive for the first 30 years (I think?) of their lives.  Each square in the box also holds a card to describe what was special that year.  LOVE this tradition and it's so fun each year to get it out and read each card and remember the previous years.

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