You may remember from last year that Jack did not enjoy his visit with Santa.  In fact I have each year's picture framed and on display for the holidays, and Jack saw last year's the other day and said, "Mommy, why that boy crying?"  I had to laugh as I explained that "that boy" was him last year.

Tonight was our annual visit to the Bass Pro Shops Santa Claus.  The whole way there I was trying to get Jack pumped up.  I asked him what he wanted to ask Santa for and he responded "presents."  I asked what kind of presents and he said, "blue presents."  So there you have it, a 2-year-old's Christmas list: blue presents.

When we got in line, Jason held Jack and we watched all the other boys and girls calmly sit on Santa's lap.  We talked about how he would be a big boy and not cry and how after he sits on Santa's lap we'd go play with the choo choo they had on display.  Everything seemed fine until that moment of truth arrived....
Yep, verdict's in.  He's still not a fan of Santa.  Charlie was indifferent, but he did look at Jack as if to say "what's the problem??"

After the traumatic Santa experience, Jack got to operate the train display and ride on a carousel, so it wasn't a totally miserable night for our little guy.
Maybe next year....

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