Video Catch-Up

I realized I've been accumulating videos and haven't posted any in awhile.  So here are a few of the cutest ones.

This one Jason took this morning of Jack's first visit to the driving range.  Not too shabby for a rookie, eh?
This one is from Jack's birthday party a few weeks ago - Jack just being silly with his neighbor buddies, Nathan Mincher and Addison Asher.
Here's one from back in July - cutting the grass at Grandma & Grandpa's house, and discovering his shadow.
This one, also from July, shows Jack "helping" Daddy wash strawberries - not quite the most sanitary way to do it...
First experience with a splash park - so much fun!
And this one is a real oldie - from Easter.  It's Mia and Lily doing Mia's dance routine with Jack joining in occasionally.

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