Jack & Charlie Meet

On Saturday morning, my parents brought Jack up to the hospital to meet his baby brother for the first time.  He wore this adorable shirt (we had to get him to show his muscles to get a good picture of the shirt).
 At our pediatrician's recommendation, we sent Charlie to the nursery for his initial arrival.  Jason brought Jack into the room to see me and we had a little bit of snuggle time.  Almost right away we asked him if he wanted to meet Baby Charlie and he said yes, so we called the nursery to bring him down.  He climbed up into bed with me right away and was very sweet, saying "aw, baby" in his sweet little voice.  In the picture below, he was a little distraught that Charlie's hat had fallen off.

 Almost immediately he wanted to hold him, saying "I hold baby."
 He helped Daddy hold him too.
 All in all the visit went great.  Ma Maw and Pa Paw came into the room after a little while and Jack wasn't jealous when they each held Charlie - I was a little worried how he'd react when Pa Paw held him especially.

Here's our happy family:
 Then Sunday Daddy and Jack came up for a longer visit.  We gave Jack the present Charlie brought for him and because it was choo choos, a choo choo track and a tunnel, he LOVED it!
 He again gave Charlie lots of love, and he was especially curious when I put him in his rolling crib/cart thing to change his diaper.  Jack pulled the little side table over next to the cart so he could stand on it and get a better view.
 Just before they left Daddy wanted to change Jack's diaper and Jack requested he do it in "baby's bed."  So Daddy obliged and we had the most peaceful diaper changing we've had in months.

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