Family Fun Weekend

Last weekend we spent the whole weekend together - one of our last as a family of three.  We checked out a few new places and had a really nice time.

Saturday we went to Purina Farms.  They have animals to look at, toy tractors to ride, a cow milking domonstration and, the highlight, a dog show!  The dogs do lots of frisbee tricks, an obstacle course (including a "nunnel" to run through - Jack's favorite part!) and long jumps into a pool.  It was a nice day!  Purina Farms is over an hour away from our house and there wasn't a ton to see, but it's a nice (and free!) way to spend part of a day.
We even ran into Jack's friend Grier from school.  Isn't she a doll?

Sunday we checked out the Wabash Frisco and Pacific Railroad.  This is a cool little train that you can ride in Wildwood, MO - it takes about 40 minutes in total and Jack loved every minute of it.  He especially liked it when another train would pass by us and we'd get to wave.  They're only open on Sundays, but definitely a fun activity for kiddos, especially kiddos who love choo choos!
After the train ride, we checked out the Whittle Shortline Railroad shop.  This is basically just a store that sells toy trains and supplies, but they have a big play area with LOTS of trains for the kids to try out the merchandise.  Jack was in heaven!!  They also host birthday parties, so we'll have to keep that in mind if Jack's love of trains continues.  When we were getting ready to leave there, a real train went by on the tracks just outside the store, so we got to watch that up close.  Talk about a train-filled day!!

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