Jack's 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Jack's second birthday this week.  His birthday was Wednesday so Jason and I took off work for a family fun day.  We checked out the City Museum and had a nice day.  It's one of those places that will be more fun the older Jack gets (lots of climbing and stuff for bigger kids), but it was still a lot of fun Wednesday.  Since my climbing abilities are severely limited right now, EVERY picture from the day is of Jack or Jack & Daddy.  Baby - If you're old and reading this, I promise Mommy was there on your second birthday.  :)

Some pictures of the fun:


After the City Museum we went to Union Station to check out the trains.  Unfortunately there is only one old train remaining, but luckily we're equally excited about choo choo tracks, so all was not lost. 
Then we fed the fishies in the lake:
 After Union Station we picked up Darrin (he works downtown) and went to lunch at the Blues City Deli, which is where we ate on Jack's first birthday too.  Jack sat in a big bar stool next to Daddy and looked like such a big shot!!
Then he was zonked before we were even on the highway!
 After his nap Jack helped Mommy bake some cupcakes.  Yum!
 That evening our families (and the Ashers) came over for a mini b-day celebration.  Jack got to open a few presents and we sang happy birthday and ate cupcakes.
 We had a great time celebrating.  These past two years have been a blast for us and just keep getting more fun with each day that passes.  We are so lucky to have Jack in our lives!

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