Choo Choo Party

Last night we had a choo choo party to celebrate Jack's big day.  This gathering was not quite the extravaganza we had for Jack's first - just our immediate families and a few of our closest friends.  We had a great time and Jack LOVED all the choo choo decor.  First the details:
Jason made a choo choo cake, complete with Hostess Cupcakes for the wheels 
Saw this idea online and couldn't resist - a birthday garland of Jack pictures
New t-shirt for the party:
Jack wasn't sure what to think about the happy birthday singing.  Observe through pictures:

Candles lit; happy boy
Singing starts & panic ensues (under the table):
Shy guy hiding on Mommy's shoulder
Singing stops; Jack blows out his candles:
Everyone claps & Jack is excited:

Wrestle Mania with Grandpa & Grandma Clayton
 This is my favorite - I thought I'd try to get the kids to wear their party favor hats and train whistles for a quick picture and those little hams sat there for a good 5 minutes while I snapped away.

Reghan Lade, Addi Asher, Nathan Mincher, Jack and cousin Lily Knichel
 Jack was very excited about the new scooter from Aunt Cyndi & Uncle Todd
 New scooter in action
 New bike from the Ashers
 Jack and Grandma Lang
One of the highlights of the night for Jack - holding Baby Tyson Mincher.  All day today he wanted to look at these pictures and said "I hold baby" over and over again.  I think this is a good sign
It was a great party!!  Thank you to our families and friends for coming over to celebrate with us.  We have quite a happy 2 year old on our hands!!

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