Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone!  We had a nice Easter despite the yucky weather.  The tornado on Friday night tore down a 40 foot steeple off the church right next to my parents' street and destroyed many homes very close to them.  They were very lucky and only had a bit of siding and screen damage.  I was at the movie with my friends Melissa & Jill, and we were forced to evacuate to the vestibule about 3 minutes in.  We received a voucher to use another night, but that's easier said than done with 3 mommies with 5 kids between us.  Hopefully we can find a date to reschedule!

We were also scheduled to do an Easter egg hunt Saturday morning with lots of friends, but again the weather had other plans and rained it out.  Bummer.  Hopefully next year when there will be three more kiddos to participate.

We planned to meet the Easter Bunny at the egg hunt, so when that fell through we went to the mall instead.  Not surprisingly, for those who know Jack, this was the result:
Jack did have his own Easter egg hunt this morning.  He caught on quickly thanks to the practice sessions he's been having at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
And he also got lots of goodies in his Easter basket.
Jack and his cousins had another egg hunt at Grandma & Grandpa Clayton's house.  Then the 3 kids went into the toy room and later downstairs to play - our little guy is growing up!!

 Silly faces at dinner
 Donning the shades my Aunt Lori got him

Here are a few pictures of the goofy guy from a week or so ago.

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