Croup & Fun Times

Poor Mr. Jack got sick again two weekends ago - this time with croup.  Man, that is a nasty sound coming from your toddler!  We took him to the pediatric urgent care last Sunday rather than waiting until Monday and they gave him a steroid to help the swelling in his vocal cords go down.  He slept great that night, so I guess it helped.  Other than that, you just have to ride this one out.  He's feeling good now, but still has that lingering cough (a week and a half later), especially when he's just waking up.

We've had a few bouts of great weather around here, so we've played outside as much as we can.  A few weeks ago, we met the Ashers and Lades up at a park to BBQ.  The kiddos had a blast playing on the playground - it was a nice day!  My pictures are not great (capturing 3 toddlers is quite a challenge), but here are a few:
Addi sliding
Hugs from Reghan:
Miss Addison:
Hugs from Addi - love this pic!
A few weeks ago I went to a consignment sale with my friend Rebecca.  We had some good finds, as displayed here:
We also have a new habit in our house.  Jack was taught by one of his parents (not me) to carry his little wooden chair to the kitchen to stand on so he can see what's going on in there.  Now he carries the chair everywhere.  Can't reach the bathroom sink?  No worries, I'll just go grab my chair.  Can't push the water dispenser on the fridge?  Not a problem with a chair to stand on.  Nothing is out of reach anymore! 

 He's carried this habit into dinnertime, which has been good and bad.  It's bad for obvious reasons: who wants to start this habit with their toddler?  

 On the flip side, until now we've been battling keeping him sitting in his little chair for a full meal - we are constantly saying "are you all finished?"  "No."  "OK, well then come sit back down."  With the new 'eating while standing on my little chair' thing, it's much harder for him to wander around so we typically get a full meal in before we takes off.  I'll take it for now.  

We had our final tumbling class tonight.  That was money/time well spent - I recommend it for parents of toddlers.  They just had so much fun week after week!!
So strong!
 Getting his stamp at the end of class - one of the highlights!
 A certificate!  He passed!
Addi & Jack with their newly-earned certificates
A few other random pictures:

Just hanging out in the tub with his clothes on.
Notice his left hand - he did this all on his own the other night.  Baseball star in training.
Jack's getting very curious about the potty.  So far he's not all that interested in actually sitting there, especially when he's naked, but he's always telling us what we're doing when we're on the potty.  Baby steps.
Had to take this picture the other night.  I have no idea why, but every time Jack "cooks," step one is placing the tongs around his neck.  What a goofball!
Trying out the water table he got for Christmas - finally warm enough to use it!!  Later in the afternoon, the 4 year old neighbor came over and they had a water fight.  Jack was drenched afterwards, but he had a blast.  I think there will be some fun times on our patio this summer!

Phew!  That was a lot of pictures for one post, but I was a little backlogged with all the random snippets.

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