Feeling Better

The little guy is starting to feel better after almost a week of his 3rd antibiotic (Augmentin this time). He's still not back to his normal self - not quite as smiley and happy - but he has made vast improvements. He's sleeping great, but not eating quite as much as usual. AND his poor little tush is red as can be again. Darn diaper rash! Still smiling, just not as constantly as normal:
Some other updates:
We went to Race for the Cure last Saturday, and Jack was a real trooper. It was VERY hot and humid, but the little guy just hung out in his stroller drinking his sippy cup of water and munching on Cheerios and Chex while we walked the 5K (which takes forever when there are 70,000 people). Towards the end, he got a little worn out, so we laid his stroller seat back and he zonked out. He was an angel baby.

Our family pre-race:
Lades (Julie, Chrissy, Reghan and Darrin):
Mr. Energizer Bunny:
Cool in his shades (for about 30 seconds):
Miss Maggie Neu:
Miss Addison:
Jack passed out at the end of the race:

Jack has learned how to throw mini temper tantrums. I know I won't be saying this for long, but right now they're pretty cute. He desperately wants to play with the TV, DVD player and satellite box and when we tell him no, he's not a happy guy. He throws his body back and/or rubs his face on the carpet. Here he demonstrates option 2:
Swimming at Grandma & Grandpa Lang's house:

Jack and I are preparing for his first flight this Thursday (well, I'm preparing; I'm not sure he's fully understanding what I've been telling him). He and I are going to visit my sister and Greg in Rochester, NY for the weekend. I'm a little nervous about the solo travel with him (Jason is staying here to hold down the fort), but I'm sure we'll survive. I've been getting lots of tips (thanks Al!) for traveling with a baby and have been making lists galore to make sure I don't forget anything. We'll see how it goes!

Here are some fun (& messy!!) eating pictures:
This is Jack's favorite expression these days - we're guessing he likes feeling his bottom (and only) teeth, but it's too funny:
Another play date with Addi. Are these two not the cutest things??? (Thanks for the pictures, Mel!)

And some non-Jack updates:
Maggie has been shedding like crazy, which, when combined with my neglect for housework, has resulted in a very fuzzy house. SO, this weekend we got her shaved, which is a first. Much to my surprise, she really doesn't look much different. It was the right choice for sure!
Also, I FINALLY got the big wall in our living room decorated, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Observe:

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