10 Months Old & Sick

Jack is 10 months old today - we're closing in on the end of the quickest year of our lives! Unfortunately, the poor little guy is sick. He was sent home this morning from day care with a mild fever (100.1). He's been kind of lethargic off and on today and just generally clingy. Of course, I'm enjoying the extra snuggles, but don't like seeing my boy not feeling well. When he went to sleep he still had a fever of somewhere between 100 and 101 (depending on which thermometer I use). Last night he was up for about an hour in the middle of the night, so I'm crossing my fingers tonight will bring a good night's sleep and the fever will be gone tomorrow.

We did end up taking him back to the doctor on Tuesday and just as we suspected, the ear infection is not entirely cleared up. So we began round three of antibiotics. Hopefully third time's the charm!

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Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to us recently...3 rounds of antibiotics didn't work so we had to go to an ENT. She said Maggie needs tubes in her ears :( We have her surgery scheduled for September because she said it was best to wait until the fall. I hope Jack feels better soon!