Jack has moved on to green veggies. Today he had peas and loved them. Actually he loved them so much that, although Grandma was on hand with the video camera to capture the sour face, there was no such face. He didn't even flinch. Just went right on eating like he's been eating peas all his life.

Peas were just as easy to make as all the other veggies - I used one bag of frozen peas and it made 31 ounces of food!

Also, an update on school - Jack went for day #2 on Thursday and it went great. They wrote on his chart that he had a good day and only fussed at nap time. When I picked him up he was all smiles. Our happy little guy. Also I moved offices on Thursday, so I watched out my window for S.O.S. signals from him. He didn't send any, so I guess he had fun.


Alison Marciano said...

Yay! Glad Jack continues to be a great eater! Giana as well!! She tried green beans this weekend and chowed them like no other. Hope we can catch up soon!!

Kelly said...

His eyes are such a pretty color blue in this picture (nicely accented by the green peas)!