Happy Guy

Here are a couple videos from last night - Jack was almost giddy he was so happy. We had a lot of fun.

Not only is this one cute because he's so giggly, but I also love the jealous Maggie trying to get in on the playtime - starting right at the beginning when she put her toy on Jason's back. Funny.

In other news, Jack attended his first Superbowl party on Sunday. Well, he attended for a bit - he and I came home before the first half was even over because it was bedtime. BUT, our little gambler won $25 for having the winning square for the score at the end of the first half! Lucky little guy. I told him he can buy some Legos or matchbox cars when he gets a little older. For now, it'll just be in his piggy bank.

Day 3 of school went very well today. I think we're both getting used to it.


Kelly said...

That is one happy baby!

The Hazletons said...

Glad school is still going well! Love, Amanda

Lisa C. said...

LOVE these videos! He's so darn cute!