Grass & Shutters

Sorry I've been slow to post - work is BUSY!

Anyway, they laid our sod on Thursday - it finally looks like a real home from the outside. The sod is a little stripey, but hopefully it will fill in nicely and will be pretty when Spring rolls around. Jason has been dutifully watering it daily, so we'll see!

Our new shutters also arrived yesterday - we will officially have brown shutters to match our brown door. Goodbye blue shutters. Jason hung the first set tonight on the porch, so now the neighbors probably really think we're nuts because we have 2 sets of blue and 1 set of brown. Ah well, they'll see the finished product in no time.
Jason is currently hooking up the second cable line to the box so we can have our full-fledged DVR back. Right now we can only record what we're watching. Looking forward to recording shows to watch later. How did we survive our whole lives without this technology??

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