Countdown: 2 Days

So, we have our walkthrough this morning. We're looking forward to seeing it all cleaned up and pretty. We tried to go last night because I might need to leave before the walkthrough is over, but the cleaning lady was there and wouldn't let us in. That's OK, more to be excited about today.

However, the cleaning lady was taking a break when we got there, which meant she was sitting on the doorstep in our garage leading into the house SMOKING! We were ticked - our whole garage reeked of smoke. PLUS, she had the door leading to the laundry room open, so who knows what it smells like inside. We are not happy. That is the first thing we're going to say when we get there this morning - "smells like smoke, fix it." We had already made the "no smoking in the garage" rule for our friends the other night at our impromtu gathering - stinks that the cleaning lady was doing it!

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