Countdown: 1 day

Well, we had our walkthrough yesterday, and it went really well. There are a few things on their list to fix or touch up, but it really wasn't that bad. There was a painter there who was super nice - he left some touch up paint & some brushes (the standard new home package) AND he was talking to us about buying "good" rollers, so he went out to his truck and got one for us. THEN we were asking where to buy the stain he used for his spindles so Mert can make us a matching baby gate (for our NIECE, don't get any ideas!), and he said he had made the concoction himself to match our floors, but would be happy to come back and make us more when we need him to. Wow! You just don't get that kind of service with the big corporate-types.

The walkthrough ended with Robyn (our walkthrough lady) asking me for a hug. Guess she thought it went well too.

My parents left town this morning, so tonight we're going to load up Big Blue with our boxes so she'll be raring to go tomorrow morning. Jason, Steve & Darrin are going to start on the big stuff while I go to work, then I think some people might come over Friday night to get the moving party started!

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