November 2016

Grandma and I have an annual tradition with my friend Rebecca and her mom to see Straight No Chaser in concert at the Fox Theatre. This year Rebecca's sister joined us, which was fun.  We love this group!

Charlie had been in speech through the school district for the past year to help him with his pronunciation of certain sounds.  He was pronouncing the /j/ sound like "d" and the /k/ sound like "t".  This November he graduated from speech!  He liked going but was also happy to graduate.
Grandpa Lang and I took the boys to see the Wild Kratts Live show.  It was so fun!

 Later that night, Nora had her first milkshake.  It was a hit!
 We had a cousin sleepover with Mia and Lily.

Nora got to attend her first Veteran's Day assembly at Jack's school.  They honor Grandpa Clayton, among all the other Vets..

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