Nora's 1st Birthday!

Nora turned one on December 4.  My sister and her family were in town for Thanksgiving, so we had her birthday party that weekend.  We invited family during the day for a chili bar, and had friends over later in the evening.  It was a long, fun day celebrating our big girl!

Nora was SO close to walking on her birthday.  In the few weeks leading up to her birthday, she stared taking a few steps here and there, and started to get brave moving between furniture.   We officially stopped nursing on November 29th, so we almost made it a full year (with formula supplements starting back in July).  Our sweet girl can do sign language for "more," claps and can blow.  She also has her own special way to "blow kisses" which we just can't get enough of.
At her one-year check-up, she was 31.5" tall (99th percentile), weighed 26 pounds, 1 ounce (99th percentile) with a 19.1 cm head (99th percentile).  She had 5 teeth as of her birthday and her first molar broke through a few days later.

Here is a collage of Nora's 12 monthly photos.  So crazy how much she has changed!!

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