Summer 2016

Brace yourselves.  This is my summer 2016 roundup and it's a doozy.  We did a LOT this summer, most of which is not worthy of its own post, so I will attempt to summarize here.

It was Jack's first summer as an elementary school student, so you know what that means: camps! We didn't fill up every week with a camp; on the off weeks he spent time alternating between the grandparents' houses.  When I asked what camps he wanted to do, he specifically requested a baseball camp.  We ended up doing the following:
  • One week at a baseball camp with some buddies from his team

 After the last day of camp, the boys went back to Connor's house for some swimming.  Fun!

  • One week at basketball camp with Jacob from his kindergarten class
  • One week at a Missouri Rush soccer camp with his soccer friend Connor
  • Two weeks at Vetta Sports camp with our neighbor Jack.  One of those weeks our neighbor Hayden was there too.
Generally, he loved camp, but he said Vetta was his least favorite.  I never really pinpointed why that was, but I'm not sure if we'll sign up for that one again next year.

The boys also did another round of swim lessons this year.  Jack has really made so much progress and is a great swimmer now.  Charlie does pretty well too, but we still generally have him wearing his life jacket for everyday swimming.  Lily was in Jack's class, and coincidentally so was his buddy Ben from his kindergarten class, which was fun.  I took exactly two pictures at lessons and two videos.

We celebrated Father's Day at our house.

I reunited with my college friends for a Cardinals game girls' night out.
Charlie got some new catcher's gear - a dream come true!
In July we visited Onandaga Cave with our friends the Duckworths.  It was something new and different and we had a great time!  The pictures didn't turn out great because, well, it's dark inside a cave...

On the drive home, Jack and Nora were cracking each other up (while Charlie slept)...
We went to a few Cardinals games this year.  One day we had good seats, so we went early.  The boys liked getting up close.

 It started getting a little crowded at the railing, so Charlie got snuggly...
 And then his hand ventured down a little.  Haha!! Neither boy realized where his hand was until later when we showed him the picture.

In August we took the boys to their first concert. They are big fans of REO Speedwagon, so when we heard they were coming to town, we knew we had to get tickets.  We had SO much fun!!

We got there early, and there were some promotional games set up. The boys played connect 4, washers, etc and won some pretty exciting prizes (displayed in the photos below)...

It was hot!!

One night we had the Pressons over.  Our kiddos are almost the same ages as each other and had such a great night playing together!

Other summer fun:

 This night was awesome.  We were all a few houses away from the Porters' house when Travis realized his sprinklers would be coming on any minute.  Being the good parents we are, we told all the kids that their friend lost her Skylander in the yard and they all needed to look for it.  They obliged and we waited with our cameras ready.  And waited.  And waited.  The sprinklers never came on (some glitch or something) and we all had a good laugh at our amazing parenting.

It was a fun-filled jam-packed summer!!

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