Lake of the Ozarks 2016

In mid-July we took our annual trip to the Lake of the Ozarks  My friend Jules missed it for the first time ever because she was pregnant and they are currently living in Singapore, and my sister and her family couldn't make it this year either.  We missed them, but we still had a good trip.

Gretchen loved Nora!

Trying out the hook-on seat for the first time - worked great!
Jack and Charlie got to go tubing with Dylan and Amelia.  They had so much fun - Dylan is a daredevil!

Some videos of the tubing action:

Nora had a kitchen sink bath!

The boys and Grandpa did LOTS of fishing.  Like every waking moment they wanted to fish.  Grandpa probably needed a vacation from his vacation when he got back.  :)

Swimming from dock to dock with Daddy!

The boys had fun jumping off the front our friends' boat:

You know it's been a busy day if this guy falls asleep!

Drew's friend's drone took a picture of them.  Cool!

Laura was the big dice game winner!!

Just missing Jules and Steve in this picture!
Jack entertained his baby sister on the drive back home.
Once again, another great trip!

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