Tablerock Trip 2016

Last year we went to Tablerock Lake with our neighbors and we had such a great time that we came home and immediately booked a trip for this year.  We went the last weekend in June and we had the best time once again!!  This year it was the same crew (us, Lades and Kortes) plus the Ashers.

We left Thursday late afternoon and stayed the night in Springfield.  We had dinner at Lambert's, the Home of the Throwed Rolls, and we had a great time.  The boys thought it was great that they could just raise their hand to have a roll tossed to them.  The highlight was when a roll destined for Charlie landed in my water.

Our hotel had an indoor pool so the boys took a dip before bed.
In the morning we headed down to Branson.  When we arrived it was raining, so we got our game room visit out of the way.

After the rain, we did lots of swimming.

There was a craft at the pool (bracelet making)
On Saturday, Nora had her first boat ride!  We took the boat, the Ashers' wave runner and a rented wave runner out.  It ended up not being great because the boat was very full and we lost Greg, Melissa and Ethan on their wave runner somewhere along the way.  Nora did OK while we were moving, but she was less than thrilled when we stopped the boat to hang out.  We ended up just cruising back to the resort, where we met back up with the Ashers.  Charlie, Nora and I got off, along with most of the other moms and kids.  We took naps and spent the rest of the day at the pool while Jack, Jason and the others went for wave runner rides, etc.

Saturday night we ate pizza and spent the evening at the water slide pool. This is definitely one of the highlights for the boys.  Even Jason and I joined in the fun! 

This might be my favorite picture of the weekend!
Sunday we decided to rent a pontoon boat to go along with our boat, which was must more comfortable for our group.  The kids got to go tubing, and Nora enjoyed herself much more.  She even got to swim in the lake for a few minutes!

We had a scary moment with the tube...Jack, Charlie and Hayden wanted to ride together but didn't know to lean back when they were started out, so the front of the tube went under.  Jack and Hayden rolled off the edges, but Charlie was dragged under in the front of the tube.  I took this picture from the anchored boat right before "the incident."  Jason and I screamed and both jumped into the water and swam over to him.  Darrin quickly stopped the boat and Charlie was no worse for the wear.  I'm pretty sure our hearts stopped for that few seconds though.  Luckily, Melissa was on our boat with us because we left Nora on there when we both jumped in the water.  Phew!  Scary!


 Our room had this separate bathtub room, which ended up being the perfect place for Nora to sleep..
 Speaking of sleeping, I apparently took a lot of pictures of my children sleeping...

 We had such a fun time, as evidenced by the three sleeping children in the back of the truck on the way home.
We've already booked next year's trip!!

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