Nora at 7 Months

Nora turned 7 months old on the 4th of July!  She had a big 7th month!  She started eating vegetables, which was so much fun!  She loved everything she tried, just like her brothers.  We took it slow, and this month she tried peas and sweet potatoes.

Nora also got her first (and second) tooth this month.  The first one (bottom left) came in on June 7th (right after she turned 6 months), and then her second (bottom right) came in on June 20th.

Check out this naked baby at her 6 month check up!!  Those are the cutest rolls I ever did see...
Nora LOVES bath time!  We were still using the infant sling in the big bathtub and it was working out well, though she was starting to outgrow it.
Just before the 7 month mark, we switched over to the ducky bathtub.  Nora thinks she's hot stuff now!!

This month Nora started blowing raspberries too!!  I don't have video evidence, but it's awfully cute!

She also started rolling over from tummy to back this month, which opened up the wonderful world of tummy sleeping!!

 She is of course still smitten with her big brothers, and the feeling is definitely mutual.

Just some other pictures of our sweet girl this month...

Here is Nora's 7 month photo shoot.

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