Spring Soccer 2016

Both of the boys played in SCCYSA (St. Charles County Youth Soccer Association) again this spring.  It is very convenient having them in the same league and playing at the same complex, and there were only a couple weekends where they had overlapping games.

Charlie joined a new team this year.  We liked his coach last fall, but we weren't a fan of a couple boys on the team, so we decided to sign up with a new (random) coach.  He still played with his buddy Brooks, but the other four kids on the team were new to us.  We really loved his coach (Coach Mitch) and he had a great time.

Charlie's biggest fans

Jack and Lily watching Charlie play

And here are some videos of Charlie in action:
 Jack continued to play with the same team he's been with for the last couple of years.  They had a great season and were undefeated once again.  These boys are really improving and are even starting to pass to each other.  They are so fun to watch!
Jack's biggest fan took a little snooze at one day

Trophy time

And Jack in action; he's #3....

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