April 2016

April was a fun month for us.  The weather finally got nice so we spent some time outside, which we always enjoy.

Jack's school had a Bingo Night one Friday night.  It was actually the night of Nora's kidney testing, so she and I left a little early.  We went with the Knichels, Ashers and Lades and the kids had so much fun.  We can't wait for next year's event!

Mia & Jack made it to the front of the room in the 'Heads or Tails' game, but didn't win

Another fun school event happened in April: there was a book fair and art fair.  We got a letter home the day before saying that Jack was winning an art award, so of course we attended.  Turns out our boy got 2nd place from all the kindergartners for a fish he made.  So proud of him!  He was pretty proud of himself too - he practically ran up there when they called his name.  Love it!  Lily won an award too - she got 1st place for the 1st graders.

The choir performed at the art awards (Mia is in the pink shirt in front)

Jack and Lily watching the choir (and participating in the actions)

Receiving his award!!
The boys have been begging forever to go play up at the skate park at the nearby park.  There are always bigger kids there, so I've been a little weary of taking them.  One Sunday morning though, we got up early and headed over there.  The boys brought their scooters and thought they were hot stuff!  It was fun.  A few bigger guys were there, but they were nice and didn't seem too annoyed with the 6- and 4-year olds who were on their turf.

Nora snoozed for part of the time

Then she woke up and smiled

In April we also had a long, long overdue play date with my college friends and their kids.  We met at Chesterfield Central Park and had a great time.

me, Lisa, Jen & Emily
 We asked the kids to line up for a picture and they just coincidentally lined up in age order - so funny!!
Nora, Luke, Charlie, Nate, Ethan, Maci, Jack and Ella (Jen's twins had gone home already)

Maci and Ella pushing Kate and Audrey

Ella loved all the babies!
We got Charlie's school pictures back in April.  We had forgotten about picture day, so Charlie's all dressed up in his Benchwarmers shirt and hat (Jack's baseball team).

And our most common pastime...time with the neighbors.

Charlie fell asleep on the Ashers' couch one day

Double rainbow!

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