Lego Birthday Party

This year we decided to have a joint birthday party for the boys.  We went with a Lego theme because we have quite a Lego obsession at our house.  We invited the usual crew: grandparents, Jason's sister's family and the neighbor friends.  We had a full house!

I was proud of the invitation, which I made myself.  The boys were really excited to make their age out of Legos - they turned out great with almost no assistance!
I didn't want to go too crazy, but did find a few decorating ideas on Pinterest.

We only really had one activity at the party, but it ended up being a huge hit.  I bought a set of wheels and a steering wheel for each kid, and then had a few bowls of extra Lego pieces (and Duplos for the littlest guys).  We made a race track out of some scrap plywood so they could have races.  Quite a few of the kids spent at least an hour at the table building and rebuilding their race cars.  I was impressed how long it kept their attention!

 Their Lego race cars were also their party favors - two birds with one stone!!

Dinner time!

Lego Cakes!

The only video from the party: singing Happy Birthday

Here's our toy room during the party.  I think you could say the kids had fun down here...

And surveying their loot the next morning...
And here are the thank you notes we sent out after the party.  I decided not to have the boys write the notes on the back (I did it this year; probably Jack's last year of being off the hook for that task!!); they just signed their names (which took long enough, if you ask me!!).
Another great birthday party in the books!!

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