New Bike

Jack got a new bike a few weeks ago.  His 12" bike was perfect for learning to ride a two-wheeler since he could easily put his feet down when he needed his balance.  However, he started to look so big on that small bike.  The real reason for the new bike though is that Charlie was ready for a bike with training wheels and Jack's Spiderman bike was the perfect candidate.

Jack wasn't sure he wanted to upgrade to the 16" bike, but I talked him into it by letting him pick out a Ninja Turtle bike and assuring him that we would add a kickstand to it just like his cousins.  Turns out he shouldn't have been worried.  This video is literally his first attempt at riding the bigger bike:
And Charlie got the hang of his new (hand-me-down) one pretty quickly too.  This was day 1, but he's a pro now...

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