First Cardinals Game

In early June, Jason and I took the boys to their first Cardinals game (bucket list #13).  It was Super Hero night, so they got a new t-shirt and a cape.  So fun!  We learned early on that night that Charlie is still terrified of "Redbird."  He spotted him first and immediately wanted to be held.  He didn't want to go anywhere near him, but managed to get over it quickly when we walked away.

We sat in our seats for approximately 1/2 of an inning because it. was. hot!!  We did get to see a home run by Colton Wong though, so that was fun.  We couldn't see the fireworks, but we heard them!

After that we went out to the concession stand area to cool off.  The boys loved running up and down the ramps.  A lot.

And some video footage:

After awhile we decided to walk all the way up to the top.  Whew, that was quite a walk in the heat!  We watched an inning or so from up there.
Then we took some pictures, including our favorite ever picture of Jason and the boys:

As we descended the ramps, Jack was going too fast and took a spill.  A little skinned knee, but he'll survive.  We watched a choir sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame (of course!) and then we headed out.

We managed to get out with just these $2 stamped penny necklaces as souvenirs.  Much better than all the other (very expensive) chotchkes they had their sights set on...

We had a nice family night and will certainly do it again.  Maybe next time we'll watch more of the game!

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