Jack's First Photo Shoot

The photographer made the rounds today at the hospital, and although little Jack is not a fan of being unswaddled, so was unhappy during the session, she got a lot of cute shots!

Here's the link:
Bella Baby Photography

Click on "View my photos - login" at the top right
Password is: 0817jackclayton

I should mention that Mom and Dad had no intentions of being in these pictures, with the exception of maybe a hand holding his head or feet, so please disregard our disheveled appearance!



The Hazletons said...

I cannot believe we don't live in St. Louis right now!!!! I want to squeeze him! What a perfect family! We miss all of you, and can't wait to meet Jack in person. Thank you so much for sharing pics! Keep 'em coming!!!!! Love, Amanda

Lisa C. said...

These are soooooo precious!! I still can't believe they do these in the hospitals now. There are so many good ones - tough decision to pick!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I love the pictures and the name Jack. He's a keeper...very cute little guy!