The 70s

First, I don't have a baby update - just patiently (or maybe not so patiently) waiting.

My parents are preparing a room for Fletch, so they got a bunch of stuff out from when I was a baby, including some toys, a toy box, etc. The best thing that they saved was the "punkin seat," which they apparently used to carry my sister and me places. I'm sure it used to be white instead of yellow, but even still I cannot imagine carrying a child in this thing!!It's amazing how far baby stuff has come! Rest assured, Grandma and Grandpa have no intention of carrying Fletch in this fancy carrier.

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Jill Neu said...

Ha ha! My inlaws saved Bobby's old highchair...it was made of medal and looked like some kind of torture device! I told them right away that there was no chance I was going to allow them to put my baby in that thing!!