No More Gate!

We can finally use our back door! There was about a 2 foot drop-off from our back door, so all this time we've had an ugly wooden gate blocking the doorway. Nevermore! Yesterday, Jason built steps out of the remaining stones from the wall, and also finished cutting the stones for the steps leading to the yard. Yay!!

We also had a dump truck full of dirt delivered yesterday, so I shoveled for 5.5 hours! Phew, I'm sore! I filled all of the landscaping beds, but I still need to add more today. We're going to use the remaining dirt to put all over the back yard, where the grass is not good. I guess he's going to re-seed and basically start over and try to get the grass looking as good as the front and side yards. It's going to be a fun day, we have a LOT of dirt to move!

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