My Dad Retired!!

My dad retired Thursday after 35 years of working for the same company. Isn't that amazing? That just doesn't happen any more (the one company thing, I mean). His work had a nice party for him Thursday evening, and we had a huge party with family and friends on Saturday. Despite the almost 90 degree temperatures, I think everyone had a great time.

These are pictures from his work party - we found the exact same tie he was wearing in the picture and hung it up: My dad has been saying for years, "when I retire, I'm never wearing a tie again." Therefore it was only fitting for us to have a tie-themed party. The invitations had ties on them, we decorated with ties and many of guests showed up wearing ties (as a joke, of course). My dad's favorite part, though, was having each guest at the party cut a tie in half! He was adamant - you weren't allowed to leave unless you cut a tie. Funny stuff.

Then & now:

Throwing all the cut ties in the air!

I wish I was on the verge of retirement. Guess I have 28 1/2 more years of work to go. And I'm already on my 3rd job, so I guess I won't be accomplishing the 35 years at one place thing. Ah well...
More pics from the party:

(notice the ties hanging in the background):

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