Digging & Running

Jason & I both had a busy weekend. He got started on the patio project Saturday by buying a truckload of gravel. He spent his Sunday and Monday afternoon digging a trench. Our yard is sloped, so he has to build a retaining wall to make the patio flat. I think it's going to turn out great, but he's been working hard already & has a long way to go. Here is a picture of Sunday's progress.

Monday we had 10 pallets of stones delivered for the wall. Fun times to come for my hard working husband. I'll post more pictures after the rain stops and I can get out there with the camera.

My Sunday entailed running a relay marathon with my coworkers. We had 2 teams of 4, and we each had to run about 6.5 miles. I thought I might die for parts of it, but in the end I felt really good. My boss Jason and I ran our portion (the first leg) in about 1 hour, 10 minutes. Not too shabby by my standards, though the winning time on the half marathon (13 miles, or TWICE what we ran) was 1 hour, 8 minutes. Hmmm. Next year, we'll be faster! Here's a picture of part of the group after we were all finished:

In other, much more exciting, news, my friend Jenny in Oregon gave birth to her second son last night after being 5-6 centimeters dilated for about 2 weeks. Her labor was 90 minutes long, so maybe she's on to something. She also did it without pain medicine. Phew! I'm impressed. Here's the beautiful new arrival, Reece (picture borrowed from their blog - I clearly haven't met him yet):Another tidbit from last week. We've been getting a ton of rain the last few weeks and one night after work, there was a huge rainbow going all the way across the sky (view from our back door):

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