New Neighbors & New Kitchen Color

Greg & Melissa are officially our neighbors! Moving weekend went off without a hitch - we had something like 14 adults and 4 kids helping out so it was a piece of cake. It's fun that they live so close! Last night we had dinner together - something that I foresee happening quite often!

Jason insisted that we buy Greg a "welcome to the neighborhood" gift:
They work surprisingly well between our houses, but I'm not sure if the "5 mile radius" claim is accurate.

We also re-painted our kitchen yesterday. The original color we painted was just too bright for Jason, so we decided to switch it. We're really happy with the new color. It's just a more mellow yellow - kind of a mustard. I'm glad to have that finished!


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Rebecca said...

Yeah! Congrats on your new neighbors. Very fun. I also like the new kitchen color, although I'm sure it was harder to paint than the first time around when there were no cabinets!