Lazy Weekend

We have done very little this weekend. Jason has a cold, so that's his excuse. My excuse is, um.... OK, I don't have one. Sometimes you just need to take a 5-hour nap on a Sunday, right?

We watched our nieces on Friday night, so that was fun. Mia never seizes to amaze me - our little baby genius! Paige & I played an intense (albeit never-ending) game of Monopoly. Fun times.

Saturday night we went to the Ashers' house for dinner/drinks. Again, low-key fun times. On a side note, is this sad? Almost every time we've gone to their house so far, we've driven our car. I'm telling you, it is literally around the corner! We blame it on the weather, but we'll see if we actually start walking back & forth when spring finally arrives. I guess it's fitting with the rest of our lazy weekend...

Next weekend, I promise we'll be more exciting.

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