May Fun

One Saturday evening in May, we didn't have much going on, so we decided to go play putt putt with the kids and some of our neighbor friends.  We had a fun night and the kids loved it!

 We also purchased a boat this spring.  Jason and Darrin had been talking about buying another boat (they owned one together several years back), and they pulled the trigger this spring.  We are now the proud (joint) owners of a 21' deck boat.  Our first few rides were on the Mississippi River and we are loving having a boat again!

Jason and I bought into a group that has season tickets to the Cardinals games this year.  We got 12 tickets for this season; two games with four tickets and two games with two tickets.  Our first game with the boys was fun, but we didn't actually get to see any baseball.  It was a rainy night, so we saw the National Anthem, then they covered up the field and declared a rain delay.  It wasn't a total loss because we got to eat some Dippin' Dots before we headed home.
Hat over his heart for the National Anthem

And a few other random pictures from May...
The boys got some new hats to take to Grandma & Grandpa's farm, and they didn't take them off for a week...

My lunch date one day during work
Jack, Addison and Trenton

 A few fun outings with Grandma and Grandpa Lang.  Strawberry picking:

Petting stingrays at the Zoo: 
And a few videos of our fun month.  Here they are getting some "exercise" playing Wii Boxing.  Please disregard Charlie's mismatched jammies.  He can't be bothered to pick a matching shirt and shorts for bedtime.
A random Tuesday night in the neighborhood.  Racing with the neighbors...
This was early May (hence the jackets and pants), but Jack perfected a new skill: the monkey bars

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