Traumatized by Fredbird

Just a quick post this time...

Last Friday we had a Cardinals celebration at work and Fredbird came to visit.  Since it was a day care day, I decided to bring the boys over to see him before I dropped them off at school.  We talked about it the night before and on the way there, and even saw a commercial with Fredbird Friday morning before we left.  Turns out that was not enough preparation for my poor baby.

We walked down the hall after someone directed us where to go, and I saw him right away (he's tall - I could see his head over the cubes).  He saw us and came around the corner and Charlie immediately started screaming "NOOOOOO!" and backing away whimpering and crying.  He was beside himself!  "Mommy hold me!  Mommy hold me!  Nooo! Nooo!"  I wish I had my video camera going!

This was Fredbird's reaction:
Jack got a kick out of it.  We showed him this picture and he said "that's me waiting to talk to Fredbird."  While I tried to calm Charlie down, Jack got to give Fredbird a high five, knuckles and then posed for this picture:
Poor Charlie has not stopped talking about this.  Literally EVERY day since then he has said at least twice (usually more like 5 or 6 times) "I not see Redbird any more" and "Redbird at home taking a nap" (which I had to tell him when I picked him up Friday to calm him down).  The poor child is truly traumatized.  He's even scared of his Cardinals 101 book which we were previously reading nightly, but of course has a picture of Fredbird in it.

We're planning a family outing for the boys' first Cardinals game later this year; hopefully Charlie forgets about this experience before then because as of now he's saying "I not go to Dardinals dame."

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