Merry Christmas

We had a really great Christmas this year.  We kicked it off on Christmas Eve by exchanging gifts with Grandma and Grandpa Lang.  Then my mom's family came over for our traditional Christmas Eve gathering.  I forced everyone to take family pictures, which was fun (for me, anyway).
Payton, my cousin Bryan, A.J. and Katie

Alyssa, my cousin Chris, Stacie and Vince

Uncle Lynn and Aunt Jan 
All the Palazzolos

Uncle Mike and Aunt Kathy

Dad and Mom

After dinner the boys got more presents - lucky guys.

Charlie started feeling feverish that night so Daddy got some extra snuggles.
When we got home and took his temperature, it was 102.5.  Yikes.  When I went to check on him a little later he had vomited in bed.  Ugh, poor baby!  We got him all cleaned up and let him sleep with us.  He seemed better in the morning so we're not sure what that was about.

Santa brought the boys some fun stuff:

After they opened all their gifts, we headed over to Aunt Cyndi and Uncle Todd's house for breakfast and to exchange gifts with them.

After naps, I headed over for a quick visit at the Lang Christmas.  Jason and the boys stayed home in case Charlie was still sick (my cousin's new baby was there, so not worth the risk!).  We headed over to dinner at the Claytons and, you guessed it, MORE presents.  We have some very lucky boys.

Charlie seemed fine all day but poor Lily started throwing up in the afternoon/evening.  We think (hope!) they were unrelated illnesses, but still no fun for the little miss.

Jack and Charlie got a lot of cool stuff this year, even though Santa scaled back dramatically compared to last year.  Some of the favorites were: hockey sticks from Santa, Magna Tiles from Grandma and Grandpa Lang, some more Go Go Wheels track sets from Grandma and Grandpa Clayton and a cool \Ninja Turtle pillow from Aunt Cyndi and Uncle Todd.

Charlie carried his hockey stick around all day on Christmas - definitely his favorite gift.  Here's a video demonstrating...

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