Creve Coeur Days

Early in June I saw an advertisement for Creve Coeur Days, which is a local carnival near my work.  It started on a Thursday, which is a Grandma & Grandpa Lang day for the boys, so I asked if they'd want to go with us to check it out.  Luckily they obliged.  We had a really fun time - the boys loved riding rides and playing games!  We couldn't get from one thing to the next fast enough!

 Charlie got to ride this fun motorcycle ride with Jack - he LOVED it!  He wanted to ride it over and over again.
 This is Charlie's signature "I'm being shy and you're looking at me" look....  Seriously, this child is a riot:

 You can't really tell but we're all three on this ride.

 Jack's first ferris wheel ride!!

We had so much fun!!

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