Weddings & Other Stuff

We had two weddings yesterday - Rebecca & Paul and Darrin & Chrissy. I went to Rebecca's ceremony in Clayton at 4:30 then rushed to St. Charles to try to make it to Darrin & Chrissy's wedding at 5:30, where Jason was a groomsman. I got there just as the ceremony was letting out, but was there just in time for the reception. One of the groomsmen's gifts was tuxedo t-shirts, so within about 45 minutes of the reception starting, they were all donning them. As I mentioned on my last post, we had some house guests last weekend. Jason's friend Leslie, who lives in Texas, and her husband Micah and son Drake came and stayed with us for the weekend. We had a great time hanging out with them and Drake is a doll! We used our patio and our fire pit for the first time - very exciting!!
In other news, Jason and I had our 2nd anniversary on September 23rd. We haven't gotten to celebrate yet - hopefully one of these days - but Jason did get me two dozen beautiful roses. If he keeps this trend up, our anniversaries are going to be expensive when we get into the 10s and 20s - that's a lot of roses. Also, I ordered a monogram a few months ago at Melissa's Uppercase Living party. I finally got it put on a canvas and hung on the wall. I like it a lot.