A few months ago, Jason decided we should purchase 1/4 of a cow from a farmer who works with him. I thought he was nuts, but as I talked to more & more people, it turns out it's not unheard of. In fact, a few of my friends said they have done the same thing in the past. His reasoning was that you can't always trust the beef at the grocery store, but we know this cow was raised au naturel and is disease-free.Anyway, we drove 1.5 hours to Perryville, MO today to pick up the freshly slaughtered meat. We are splitting 1/2 of a cow with my coworker Thomas, who is currently in Kenya, so we have his share as well. In total we have 170 pounds of beef in the deep freezer and the regular freezer in our garage. Phew!The picture below is actually Thomas's half, but it was easier to take a picture of the upright freezer than the deep freezer - it is completely full, including the door! Behind all the big steaks on the left are 28 1lb. packages of ground beef. We should be set for BBQs for quite some time!!

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