We've had a nice weekend. Friday night we went to watch my cousin's band play. He's the drummer in a classic rock band, and it's always fun to watch.
Yesterday was my mom's birthday and she & I went to see 27 Dresses. It was a really cute chick flick! If you're a girl, I definitely recommend seeing it!! While we were relaxing with popcorn and soda, our husbands were slaving away in our basement. Jason & my dad installed 12 power outlets, a light switch and 2 huge florescent lights for Jason's future work room. It looks great, and of course he's ecstatic to have it done.
Last night Jason's sister & her family came over to hang out. Mia was so lovey and cute and climbed into my lap and gave me a hug. I was so excited, until she revealed her true motivation and asked for a "chip" (pretzel). Conniving little cutie!!
Jason's other recent project was turning the unused 3rd bedroom into his dart room, complete with a homemade backboard and dartboard light.

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