Let's blow this pop stand

So Saturday came and went and we're completely moved out of the old house. Yay!!. A big 'Thank You' to everyone that helped. What is usually a pain in the ass turned out to be nothing more than good exercise due to all the hard work shared by all of our friends. We truly appreciate it. Now comes the fun of getting settled in at our new, temporary housing at Tom & Pat's. Day 1 didn't go so well as Maggie's collar broke and she got out for about an hour. Willie bit my friend from work, probably gave him rabies. Then while Willie and Annie were walking around looking for Maggie, they both stepped in dog shit which Willie so kindly tracked all over the back seat of Darrin & Chrissy's new car. 1 day down, 119 to go. Shoot....me. Or the dogs. Whichever.

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